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I light the candles because I don't want to wake the kids.  I'm not even sure I want to be awake.  The flame flickers and illuminates beyond my line of vision.  I follow it's path... White letters beckoning.  A grin forms on my face without effort, and I turn, seeking out coffee. 

That sign... It's message... I pass by it everyday...  I know it is there but sometimes forget it's meaning...  A simpler life.  A slowed down life.  A stop-and-smell-the-Ocean-Air Life.  The Reason we moved here life.

In a world full of pop-up reminders, its so easy to forget the ones that do matter. 

Coffee in hand, I head out for the dock.  After a chaotic week and a jumbled mind, that sign, this reminder, its what I need.  Maybe sometimes we all need a sign to remind.

The tide is gently rolling in.  I turn to embrace the day rising and take a sip.  The breeze shifts and the sky turns dazzling shades of pink and orange.  There is something healing in the beauty around me, something whole in breathing it all in.  I don't want to miss the moment, so I stay still.

I feel the vibrations before I hear the sounds... Little footsteps walking toward me.  She has come to share her "good morning" with me.  I smile and speak it first.  She sits down, still half asleep, but looks towards the sun.  Ducks effortlessly glide by us, and I share some coffee.  I am reviving.  Maybe she is, too.

This moment, this pause in time to inhale the life all around me, to embrace it’s effortless pace, it is the sole purpose for living here.  It is beautiful.  It is breath-taking.  It is Life-Giving.  Today, I remember.  I drink it all up.

Tess Neel
Tess Neel
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