Surf's Up

Surf Report PC Beach Pass

It's a chilly 54 degrees.
The guys don their wetsuits, taboggens on, jackets in hand.
Surf's up on this foggy Saturday morning.
Only the dedicated surf the pass with water this cold...
Or delirious.

I stand in Pjs, both hands warming around the coffee cup.
The eldest boy slurps up cereal from a giant bowl he calls 'Jethro'.
 The rest are in bed.

"Why aren't you going?"

"Too cold for me."

He says it in his matter-of-fact way ,
one eyebrow cocked,
like I'm the child.
Like I need 'explaining to'.
Like he's the only smart one right now.

 He grins at me.
 I grin right back, knowing he is.

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Tess Neel
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